That’s Not Metal The Ghost Inside Benefit, The Big Red, London 21.03.2016


If you’re not familiar with the That’s Not Metal podcast by now you are SERIOUSLY missing out! Two knowledgeable, funny, metal chaps talking music and delivering fresh new insights, reviews, and interviews every Friday – what’s not to love? Stephen Hill and Terry “Beez” Bezer make a killer team, not only are they music smart but it is also so refreshing how honest they are, and their passion for music is super infectious!

The guys organised an event at the Big Red in London to benefit The Ghost Inside who recently had a tour bus accident resulting in the band being seriously injured as well as tragically killing both drivers of the vehicle. This night was a prime example of how music lovers will always rally together when the bands we love really need us.


I cannot express how much the metal community continuously restores my faith in humanity just when I start to feel as though all hope is lost, and I am so proud to be a part of it. That feeling of camaraderie and family that you get from being within a group of like minded individuals is absolutely priceless, and it is wonderful how all are welcome. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, or what you do. You are all there united by the love of metal, and that’s all that matters, and you can leave your worries at the door.

I didn’t even need to worry about the fact that I was going on my own, and that’s another thing I love about metal and rock events. You are never alone. Within two minutes of being there I was quickly adopted into a team of lovely chaps who were more than kind!

There was a merchandise stand selling The Ghost Inside goodies, EMP freebies, as well as a raffle boasting prizes that included Download Festival tickets and a PS4. I didn’t win anything, sadly! But it was so fun to watch because this was no ordinary raffle draw – the winning ticket holder had to “Challenge Steve”, where they had to ask Steve a trivia question. If Steve got the answer right, they didn’t get to pick a prize, but if Steve got it wrong, they could then have any prize of their choosing. Kudos to Hill and Beez for putting together such an attractive Aladdin’s Cave of droolworthy prizes.


The night was dominated by the Heavy Metal Quiz, and it couldn’t have been more fun! With Hill and Beez onstage firing the questions and performing hilarious song intros and impersonations, I don’t think I stopped laughing all night! And although my little team didn’t win anything, the friendly banter we shared and the memories we carried home that night will be treasured forever.

Beez is the loveliest human being. Genuine, funny, and with a huge heart, he made everyone feel thoroughly welcome and wanted, and he was super easy to talk to and joke around with. Tall and blue-eyed Stephen Hill was super kind, and I actually shared the train ride back to King’s Cross station with him, which left me pretty chuffed! The fact that they are both fellow cat lovers makes me warm to them even more! It was so lovely to talk to the two guys who I look up to so much, and who have introduced me to so much amazing music and so many new bands. Thanks to them I have great music coming out of my ears, and it’s only because of these two that I am currently obsessed with the likes of Creeper and Killswitch Engage as I devour their albums, and wonder where the flipping heck they’ve been all my life! I told Beez they were like my rock ‘n’ roll older brothers that I went to for music advice!

Stephen Hill, Beez, and Amanda Winchester

From left: Terry Beez Bezer, Amanda Winchester, and Stephen Hill

It was the perfect night out! So much love, so much good music. A great cause, great vibes, and lovely, lovely people, you can’t really ask for more than that.

PS: You can subscribe to That’s Not Metal shows for a mere £3 a month or £17 a year. This gives you access to zillions of fabulous episodes and specials, and you’ll probably be a super metal boffin by the end of it. Quite the bargain, eh? It’ll be the best thing you invest in this year!


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