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Bury Tomorrow Show and Signing at HMV, Oxford Street 29.01.2016

Bury Tomorrow celebrated the release of their brand new album Earthbound with a bang on the day of it’s release on the 29th of January with an intimate show and signing session at HMV in Oxford Street in London. There … Continue reading

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HIM at Nottingham Rock City 27.12.2015

A two hour trip to Nottingham is not a journey I would necessarily embark on for just any old band, but I made an exception for His Infernal Majesty and the sexiest man in metal. This was a sold out, … Continue reading

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Foxy Rocker News #1

First of all, I want to say how sad I was when I heard that the great Bowie had passed away. The starman has departed and another legend is lost. Rest in peace, Ziggy! The fact is, all these great … Continue reading

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Finnish Bands That Rock Part 3

In case you missed them, there is more awesomeness covered in Part 1 and Part 2 of this hard rocking series. And now we will get on… Korpiklaani I’m relatively new to folk metal myself but these guys definitely have … Continue reading

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What’s Rockin’ January 2016

Happy Rockin’ New Year to all you rockers, goths, moshers, punks, metalheads, and awesome people out there!! Hope you’re not too hungover! I must admit for a while there I was reeling a bit from the news of Lemmy’s passing. … Continue reading

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