Me and Spotify Premium

As you may know, I love CDs. I adore my vinyls. I worship my iPod Classic, baby, not to mention my badass pig iPod dock. But now I’ve “discovered” Spotify Premium and it’s like my head exploded.

You know when you get an awesome birthday stash, and you don’t know what to play with first? That’s kinda how it is, but with music. Endless, oceans of wonderful music which demands to be listened to. So I’ve been flitting about, listening to a bit of this and a bit of that, revisiting beloved old favourites, which included a helluva lot of Hoobastank, and it eventually it got to the point that I was like, ok, I need to take a break and go, like, eat something.

I know I’m late to the party, ok, very late, but now that I’m here I am never ever leaving! I mean, it’s music heaven! The app is just so convenient and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention it’s like a music genie. I’m like, Spotify Premium, play me that ol’ Metallica track that I love from 1991 (idc, I love the Black Album), and Spotify Premium is like, Your wish is my command! And I can listen to it and forward it and play it over until my hearts content. I’m a kitten in a sea of catnip.

I suppose also that having regular old free Spotify makes the contrast even more prominent. I mean, it’s just so annoying! The adverts seem to be specifically designed to annoy the hell out of you, because they grate on your nerves much longer than they should. You can’t listen to a track twice, let alone five times, in a row. You can’t pick tracks individually to listen to.

No, I can safely say, Spotify Premium is a super clever invention.

It’s okay, all you rockers still a bit stuck in the awesome 90’s, you can hang out here, too. As long as we remember to still support the music industry and lift her up. Because we are music fans. Because we love our bands, and we love our live shows. And either we simply put up with, or we’ve just became so used to, the endless queueing to get into the venue, at the merch stand, the loos, the cloakroom, and then standing around an awful lot, but it’s all bloody worth it because you get to see them. Because we can still love Spotify Premium, as well as be hella nostalgic about buying cassettes and CDs, cool vinyls, the just-one-more band T-shirt that we don’t technically need because we could shroud our whole house with our band tee collection. And we wanna get all that stuff signed, too, because that at least triples the object’s awesomeness.

The point is, many people say that stuff will one day be entirely replaced by streaming and downloads, but I’m not worried. We’re still gonna love all that stuff longtime, and we can still have one foot in the future.

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