What’s Rockin’ July 2017

What's Rockin'

Happy Birthday to:

  • Dan Estrin, Hoobastank 9th July 1976
  • Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi 11th July 1959
  • Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation 12th July 1974
  • Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath 17th July 1949
  • Brian May, Queen 19th July 1947
  • Chris Cornell, Soundgarden 20th July 1964
  • Dani Filth, Cradle of Filth / Devilment 25th July 1973
  • Paavo Lötjönen, Apocalyptica 29th July 1968

About Amanda Winchester

Animal Lover, Artist, Author, Eco Warrior
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