All Time Low Month

It’s been an AWESOME month to be an All Time Low fan and I’m enjoying every second of it! To me, times like this are better than being on a tropical island sipping Pina Coladas while a tanned and toned Adonis fans you and brings you refills. Okay, so that would be nice, but this is better!

I had such a blast at their Eventim Apollo show and I’m so glad I bought tickets for both the London dates so I get to see them at the end of the month as well! Wise decision, past Amanda! I know myself so well! I finally understand why, in high school, I was never able to get into the soggy boybands all the other girls were into. Why settle for Blue or Westlife when you can listen to a band that rocks?

All Time Low shows are the bomb. I met the band before the show, and it’s a moment I will treasure forever. From Jack’s dirty onstage jokes, to the magic of Alex’s solo Missing You and Therapy performances, jumping about hitting beach balls during Kids In The Dark, going completely insane for Backseat Serenade, and finally getting showered with confetti at the end, and going home with the biggest grin on my face, clutching my new tour t-shirt, it has been a month of celebration. Yeah, I’m pretty damn happy right now!

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