The Underrated iPod


Recently my mum got an iPod Classic, and I had the task of furnishing its contents. I say “task” like it’s a chore but, in fact, there’s nothing I relish more than stocking up a nice iPod, especially the 160gb iPod Classic. It’s just so deliciously roomy, and for an organised music connoisseur like, dare I say, myself, it’s such a great playground for a great selection of both audiobooks and music. I wish there was an actual job I could do, as an iPod filler. I literally spent hours carefully labelling songs and audiobooks, and even adding picture covers to everything because, heck, the feature is there, and you may as well use it! I’m also a bit obsessive about doing things like that completely properly, it would literally keep me awake at night if I didn’t go the whole nine yards.

I don’t believe this iPod is the ultimate music lover’s dream (after all, I am old enough to have experienced both the Walkman and portable CD players, and I thought they were the dream), but it certainly comes close. I love how it gives you complete freedom to get to the real nitty gritty of organising your music. When used properly, it’s not just a place to store music, but also a place to house and label a collection you are proud of, a collection that defines you. And this isn’t to say that  don’t still love record players, cassette players, and CD players, I love them all, but the iPod is pretty damn marvellous, isn’t it?

The fact is, it’s very easy to take technology completely for granted, especially the generation that grew up with it, but I am constantly filled with wonder for it. I appreciate every inch of my iPod, and as a real audiophile, it’s extremely important that I can access my favourite songs in high quality at the touch of a button. My iPod is not only ready to play whatever music takes my fancy, it is also home to my treasured Sherlock Holmes audiobooks, which are my happy place! It’s more than just an iThing.

So if you’re lucky enough to own an iPod, just remember how hard that little device works, and how far we’ve come from cassette recorders and portable CD players!

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