My new Skullcandy headphones


I seem to work my way through headphones the way most people get through clothes. I’m always happy to try a new brand, and I’d read good things about Skullcandy and was eager to give them a spin.

The sound is crisp and delicious, whatever the genre you’re listening to, even at full volume (which is my favourite – what ear damage? – DON’T COPY ME) the quality isn’t distorted or raspy at all, it just enhances the experience. It has made me want to listen to ALL of my most treasured songs all over again, over and over, they just sound so AMAZING and magical and like you’re in the same room as the musician. Imagine your favourite dish but with wonderful, flavour enhancing spices, or imagine a black and white photo suddenly decked in glorious technicolour. Yeah, it’s like that.


These headphones are super comfortable with an adjustable fit and lovely soft padding, and you can wear them for hours without any discomfort (I’ve tried!). The jack cable is removable (thank Goth!) which is one of the main features I look for in headphones, because then it’s simply a case of paying a couple of quid for a new cable instead of having to replace the whole headset. Although saying that, at just under £12 on Amazon, they’re not just flipping gorgeous and sexy sounding, they are also super affordable for something of such great quality. They come in all sorts of different colours, but I went for the earthy brown and blue because they make me think of trees and lakes. They also fold up easily for storage.

As a bonus, they are beautifully designed and detailed, and not only are there bronze skulls on each side, there’s even a tiny skull on the cable end, which I think is such a nice touch.

img_7716 img_7717

The only downside is that they do leak sound, which may or may not be an important detail for you. Personally, it doesn’t inconvenience me, and it only occurs at full volume. 

Overall, in case you didn’t gather from my gushing, they are genuinely the best headphones I have ever had, even though this isn’t by far the newest or most expensive pair of Skullcandy headphones, which makes me really want to splash out on exactly such a pair! I’ve only had them for a short while, hopefully the quality won’t decrease, but I’m not too worried. Yes, they officially have the Foxy Rocker stamp of approval!


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