Dirty Thrills at the Lexington, London 20.07.2016

Dirty Thrills

This was a two part show with Ulysses kicking off the show with an energetic performance that had you thinking maybe you’d just stepped back in time. I’ll be doing a separate review of their performance so watch out for that!

The first time I saw Dirty Thrills was at the tiny stage area at the Black Heart at Camden Rocks Festival (check out my post right here) and their vigour blew me away. So I decided I needed to check my facts and see them again, partly because I wanted to feel the feels again, and partly to double check that it wasn’t just the magic and excitement of Camden Rocks and one too many beers that made me feel like this band was so unique and exciting.

I went to see them play live at the Lexington in London and y’know what folks? It wasn’t the latter. It definitely wasn’t. This band will inevitably rock your socks off.

Dirty Thrills

They’re like a cocktail of essential ingredients that form a delicious flavour explosion in your mouth that’s like no other. There’s the engaging and charismatic presence of frontman Louis. There’s Jack, a jerking, guitar wielding pirate. There’s the energetic and strapping Steve the drummer. And last, but certainly not least, there’s the dashing, moustachioed, fizz popping Aaron on bass guitar.

Dirty Thrills

Thinking about it, you really couldn’t give this band a better name. Because witnessing them play their, by now familiar and dear to me, tracks, such as No Resolve and Rock N Roll, which have “classic” written all over them, really is thrilling, all presented in a neat parcel of dirty, sexed up, jazzy, rock ‘n’ roll blues. Not only are they thoroughly decent blokes, the Dirty Thrills is a band that just wants to put on an amazing show, they give themselves entirely to delivering, and they enjoy doing it. You can pretty accurately decipher when a band is having a genuinely good time, and is as thrilled to be there as the drooling audience. And when you get a combination like that, the result is pure gold.

Kerching, baby.


Check out the Dirty Thrills very groovy website here.

Dirty Thrills

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