My Cradle of Filth Collection


Cradle of Filth is a band that I’m pretty much addicted to in every shape and form and Dani Filth is one of my heroes. I love that man. There is NO END to the kick ass Cradle of Filth merch that you can find. The only thing I haven’t bothered to buy is vinyls. Although I do have a few vinyl albums and singles I bought years ago by other bands, I don’t tend to spend money on them now, partly because I don’t have the space and partly because I don’t have a record player. It’s all well and good that they look nice and all, but if I’m going to buy music, I’d rather buy a CD that I can actually play.

So, here’s a bunch of devilishly awesome goodies that I have acquired.

This is my Dani Filth bandanna! Nah, I never wear it, but doesn’t Dani look lovely? The red eyes suit you, sweetie.


These are my signed CDs which I acquired myself! Dani very kindly signed them for me in gold sharpie after their show at Koko last year. I only wanted Dani to sign them since he is the only remaining original member. I haven’t taken a photo of my Cradle of Filth CD collection itself, but there’s a lot of them, basically!


My Cradle of Filth pin badges! My favourite is the red-ish one with Dani on it. I bought these on eBay.


This is probably my favourite item, it’s a signed cover of Terrorizer magazine which I put in a frame. Dani signed it for me on the same trip as the CDs above (yeah, I had a bunch of things, so sue me, he was lovely about it!).


This is the only Cradle of Filth DVD I have at the moment but I love it to bits! It’s a great show and it demons and dancers and things, and it’s cool to watch because I didn’t get to see Cradle of Filth play back then.


Last but not least I have a black A4 display folder where I keep all my Cradle of Filth magazine cuttings, articles, and small posters that I find. All my favourite bands have one of these, and I’m particularly proud of this one because a lot of the articles are pretty old from vintage Kerrang! magazines.

IMG_6201 IMG_6200

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed checking out my collection. I’m off to listen to Hammer of the Witches and daydream about Dani Filth. Later, beasties!

Dani Filth and Amanda Winchester

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