Dirty Thrills at Camden Rocks Festival 04.06.2016

Dirty Thrills

On my recent romp at Camden Rocks in London I didn’t get to see a lot of the bands that I wanted to see due to various reasons, but it didn’t stop me from having a smashing time, and I did manage to catch a couple of bands that I did want to see. One of the highlights of the day, however, was coming across Dirty Thrills. I’m so glad I happened to wander into the Black Heart just before lunchtime in the hope of seeing a band I might like and falling in love with them. And that’s just what happened.

In the stuffy, pocket-sized stage area, this larger than life band put on a show that had the venue bursting at it’s seams. There was a queue to get in during the show, so I’m lucky I was there a bit early. And even if this band wasn’t immensely talented, they would impress you with sheer energy and personality alone. A mixture of blues and classic rock, with a jazzy, hippie feel to it, they’re one of those bands that sound a lot better live and raw than on a polished record, which sweeps away so much of what makes this band special. Singer Louis James’ powerful vocals make their sound instantly recognizable, Jack Fawdry melts faces with high energy guitar riffs, and bassist Aaron Plows and drummer Steve Corrigan set the rhythm with sexy low grooves.

I don’t know very much about Dirty Thrills just yet, but this is a rock quartet that is destined for big things. They ooze sex, charisma, and rock ‘n’ roll vibes in an original fashion and they make me excited to be alive. I get the feeling this is the start of an awesome journey and I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

Check the band out here www.dirty-thrills.com.

Louis singer of Dirty Thrills and rock blogger Amanda Winchester.

With singer Louis James after the show. What a super cool dude!

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