Upcoming: Camden Rocks Festival 2016

Camden Rocks

I am beyond excited to be going to Camden Rocks. A whole day of rock, punk, goth, and metal concerts at my one of my favourite spots in the world, what more could a girl ask for? I also have that nasty, nervous, churning feeling in my tummy because in case you didn’t know, I don’t actually own a tardis, and I know I won’t be able to see quite all the bands that I want to, despite the fact that I’ll be running about A LOT. But I will certainly try to see as many as I can, and I know it’s going to be a crazy, amazing, unforgettable day. It’s in Camden, after all, and that’s where magic happens.

I just took a peek at the stage times on the Camden Rocks website. Yeah, it’s gonna get messy. Here are just a few of the bands that I am itching to see:

CreeperBarfly 17.45

One of the most exciting bands on the goth punk scene right now, I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard they’d be at this event! I get the feeling it’s going to be a historical event.


AshestoangelsThe Crowndale 21.15

I have a soft spot for these Bristol punk rockers and they’ll be the last band I see on the day. The first time I saw them was when they opened for Aiden on their final gig ever, and I loved their energy, so I’m pretty excited to see them again! And they have sort of filled in the little hole in my heart that Aiden left gaping, which is kinda nice.


Reckless LoveElectric Ballroom 17.30 & Monarch 21.30

These glamorous boys are all the way from Finland! They’re pretty big in their homeland, too, I frequently heard them on the radio when I was in Finland last month, and it was a happy coincidence that I found out they’d be at Camden Rocks. Fronted by Olli Herman who, let’s face it, is prettier than most women, this is a band for you if you love the likes of Bon Jovi and Hanoi Rocks.

Reckless Love

New Years DayDingwalls 19.00

So in some circles, New Years Day haven’t had the most brilliant rep, and that’s putting it politely. But I’m curious, and I want to judge for myself whether I like them or not, because sometimes seeing a band live can cast a different light on things. And if nothing else, I would really love to meet Ash Costello, I think she’s beautiful and fabulous, and everything a rock chick should be!

New Years Day

InMe Underworld 16.00

I am so damn happy about this! I love everything about this band, I love their sound, and I love Dave McPherson’s voice, I think it has a unique quality all it’s own. So, put a band that I like in a venue that I love and what do you get? A very happy Amanda!


Who do you wanna see?

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1 Response to Upcoming: Camden Rocks Festival 2016

  1. Camden Rocks is one that I’ve wanted to go to for a while, but I think the idea of running around different venues puts me off! (Although I guess that’s what Slam Dunk is slightly). I think InMe would be great live! I’d want to see Creeper and Forever Never, but I’d probably pop over to Yashin for nostalgia! xxx


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