What’s Rockin’ May 2016

What's Rockin'

Happy Birthday to:

  • Pauli Rantasalmi, The Rasmus 1st May 1979
  • Perttu Kivilaakso, Apocalyptica 11th May 1978
  • Pelle Almqvist, The Hives 29th May 1978

Newly Discovered:

Shout out to my metal buddy Amy for introducing me to Metal Grasshopper, a YouTube series which has been making me giggle quite a bit, starring Dave Hill and Phil Anselmo! Dave wants to learn to be “more Metal”, and who better to go to than the most metal man on the planet? And so, Phil starts to coach Dave in the ways of Metal, including the proper way to head bang, and the art of the guttural scream. It’s all really serious, you guys!

Gigs I’m going to this month:

  • Daughtry at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London on 27th

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Animal Lover, Artist, Author, Eco Warrior
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