Aiden (Self Titled) Album Review


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Aiden have always been such a generous band and this album is available to download for free on their site. My Goth, it’s like Van Gogh just giving his art away, that’s what Aiden are doing here. But it is SO appreciated; I wanna wrap this album up in my arms and hold it forever.

Wil’s voice has really matured beautifully, and the ferocity with which he rips through the tracks is an impressive feat in itself. The sound, while still our beloved Aiden, is a lot more clean cut than that of their previous work. You can really hear the love that went into the making of this album, and I love, too, that there are so many great featured artists, including Crilly Ashes, Ash Costello, and Chris Motionless. It’s a whole scrumptious black cocktail of Gothic horror, romance, and punk rock freaking awesomeness.

I heard New Grave played live for the first time when I went to their final show. It’s one of those tracks that you HAVE to listen to a few times before you actually pick up on everything going on in it, it’s such a busy track. It’s also super catchy, and I LOVE the trembling emotion in Wil’s voice, especially at the start with “Let it go, let breathe, let it fall into the sea…” Listen carefully to the backdrop of the song, you can hear Wil whispering and laughing insanely in the background, and I only noticed when I had my ‘phones turned up pretty loud after several listens.

There are definite elements of William Control (Wil’s solo musical project) in Eternal Halloween, but it’s still a track that Aiden fans will love. No Gods is one of my favourite tracks on the album, it’s a real punk rock anthem and I love the lyrics so much! “All I need is love and suffering”, and don’t we all?

The snarling teen version of Wil Francis is immediately evident on the short (at just under two minutes in length) but sharp Incinerate, which is deeply reminiscent of Aiden’s early music, both with it’s serial killer lyrics as well as it’s fast paced, singalong style.

Kier Kemp and Wil’s vocals on Love Like A Cemetery work in perfect harmony together and create a lovely dark, melodic, punk rock duet. And can we just appreciate Wil’s voice and the pure Gothic poetry of the lyrics, especially on the line “Your love is a Hell I want to live in… always” *little black heart explodes with happiness*.

It’s a very solid punk rock album and really, we couldn’t ask for a greater parting gift.

Kidding. Can we just have a reunion already?

Aiden Tracklist

  1. Crawling Up From Hell
  2. Violence and Devotion featuring Ash Costello (New Years Day)
  3. New Grave featuring Crilly Ashes (Ashestoangels)
  4. Standing Alone
  5. Eternal Halloween
  6. Animals featuring Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)
  7. No Gods
  8. Incinerate
  9. Pure Horror featuring Craig Mabitt (Escape The Fate)
  10. Sins of the Father
  11. The Ceremony
  12. Love Like A Cemetery featuring Kier Kemp (Fearless Vampire Killers)
  13. Bring the Knives featuring Leafar Seyer (Prayers)

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