What’s Rockin’ February 2016

What's Rockin'

Happy Birthday to:

  • Axl Rose, Guns N’ Rose 6th February 1962
  • Vince Neil, Mötley Crüe 8th February 1961
  • Dave “Phoenix” Farrell, Linkin Park 8th February 1977
  • Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park/ Fort Minor 11th February 1977
  • Billie Joe Armstrong, Greenday 17th February 1972
  • Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath 19th February 1948
  • Randy Blythe, Lamb of God 21st February 1971
  • Floor Jansen, Nightwish 21st February 1981

Newly Discovered:

  • Okay, so I’ve clambered onto the Panic At The Disco bandwagon, albeit I’m a little late to the party. The fact is, I LOVE being into the super obscure bands that nobody has heard of, the ones who’s fans you can count on one hand,the ones that are appreciated by the select few. But I also LOVE being into the bands that are the latest, hottest, most talked about thing in the rock and metal world because it means I can enjoy the extra attention they get, and I get to enjoy all the more cuttings, posters, news, interviews, live performances, and signings to keep my insatiable little rock ‘n’ roll heart at bay. And you gotta admit, Panic at the Disco have been basking in the limelight like a cat on a sunny windowsill for a while now. For good reason, though. Brendon is super charismatic and has a lovely voice, they’re super talented, and all their material has that polished and manicured finish that I could only associate with the like of, say, Nightwish. Even their music videos are masterpieces of choreography. So for once I am happy to say that all the attention is well deserved, unlike a bunch of other bands (who I’m not going to bash because I’M NICE).

Gigs I’m going to this month:

  • Ensiferum at O2 Academy, Islington on 25th February 
  • Wednesday 13 Unplugged at Underworld, Camden, London on 27th Februaury

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