Bury Tomorrow Show and Signing at HMV, Oxford Street 29.01.2016

HMV, Oxford Street

Bury Tomorrow celebrated the release of their brand new album Earthbound with a bang on the day of it’s release on the 29th of January with an intimate show and signing session at HMV in Oxford Street in London. There were only 150 tickets available to this exclusive show and I am happy to say I managed to nab one! Bury Tomorrow are the heaviest band to ever perform at this HMV and their album is soaring up the charts like nobody’s business – rock on, guys! They’ve worked hard to get where they are and they put their heart and soul into all that they do, which shines through in their live performances and the way they treat their fans.

They performed two tracks from their previous albums, Man on Fire and Lionheart, and three from their new album, Memories, Last Light, and of course, Earthbound. Despite the fact that it was a short set the energy in the room was electric, with Dani egging the crowd on and getting us all to jump about and sing along. It was AWESOME! You can check out some of my videos of the show on Instagram. I have to admit, I have been listening to Earthbound on a bit of a loop, it’s such an amazing album, and once I’ve calmed down a bit I will definitely do a proper review of it.

After that came the signing session, and even though it was super well organised with everyone forming an orderly line and the security guards eyeing us with steely eyed suspicion, the guys made it all so, so special. And I am honestly not saying this because I’m just super biased but they were all SO FREAKING NICE. I got to shake hands with them all and have a little chat with them all, I even got a photo with Dani which just made my year! I actually would have quite liked to get a photo with all of them but they were all behind the table and I didn’t fancy leaping over it or anything, and Dani was seated at the end. Isn’t he super cute??


I thought they might not want to sign my Runes album but they were so cool about it and I left there clutching my albums and grinning like the happiest little bunny in the universe.


In fact, I couldn’t stop grinning all the way home on the tube, and it still makes me smile to think about it. Not only are Bury Tomorrow an awesome and talented British metal band, they’re also super lovely guys, and all is right in the world 🙂

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