Rocker Problems

Rocker Problems

Problems. We’ve all got ’em. But some are more specific to rockers than others. Can you relate?

  • When two of your favourite bands are playing on the same date. It’s like Sophie’s Choice!
  • Worrying about what would happen to your marvelous music collection that you’ve spent your whole damn life perfecting if you were to die in a tragic mosh pit accident.
  • Trying not to act like a total fan girl when you meet your favourite band members. Be cool man. Be cool.
  • Having to wait until payday to buy that sweet new band merch.
  • Standing next to someone at a concert who is on their phone the whole time on Facebook/ Twitter/ texting. Why don’t you just go home, mate?
  • Having all the music in the world at your fingertips but all you wanna do is play the same three tracks on repeat.
  • When you meet someone new and start taking about music and they say “yeah, I like all music…” and you get all excited and start making plans for the future in your head and wondering whether they’d wanna come to that Children of Bodom gig with you next month, and then they add “…except heavy metal.” Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  • Trying to get cat or dog hair off your favourite black tee with a bit of sellotape.
  • Becoming so obsessed with a band that you can’t think straight.

Rocker Problems at foxyrocker

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