Mini Buddy Portable Speaker Review


Firstly, if you’re a dude reading this, don’t be put off by the fluffy feminine appearance of this speaker as there are loads of different funky character forms! So you don’t have to get the unicorn, there’s a penguin, fox, cat, robin, shark, tiger, alien, bear, bee, flower, football, to name just a few. In fact, I’m actually super tempted to start an army of them. Basically, you will likely find a suitable style for pretty much anyone.

I was on the hunt for a decent iPod speaker, good sound, portable, handy, on the small side, you get the idea. I’m a music lover first and foremost, be it a girly one. Don’t y’all faint over my coolness, or anything. I have a pair of portable speakers from Ye Olden Days, but they just weren’t cutting it. It was time for an upgrade!

So I ordered the Mini Buddy speaker, and when it arrived in the mail and I’d got over how adorable it is when I opened the package, it was the moment of truth. Let’s see how loud this baby can shout. I plugged it into my iPod. I then proceeded to have a mini heart attack because, eek it’s not working! And then, oh, I need to actually SWITCH IT ON at the button on the bottom. Ahem. I don’t know how I get through life either, to be quite fair.


And HONESTLY it blew me away. Like, how can something so cute and tiny have such a big, impressive pair of lungs?

A bit like Dani Filth ♥

Anyway, it’s about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little larger. The sound was loud, proud, and crystal clear. It projects right across the room, I’m telling you, you only need a couple of these babies and you’d have a full on disco effect.

I don’t know, as yet, how long the battery will last and things like that, since I haven’t had it long enough, but it comes with its own USB cable so you can plug it into a mains charger, laptop, computer, etc, to charge it. Don’t panic if you can’t see the charger cable straight away, it’s in the handy little cardboard compartment the speaker sits on in the package! It has a key-ring attachment on it, too, so you can carry it around with you if you so wish, although mine is on my bedside table and, considering I can’t even put a plastic tag on my luggage at the airport without it getting nicked, it’s there to stay!

All in all, I freaking love my little unicorn, and for under a tenner, it certainly packs a lot of punch. I bought mine from Amazon but you can also buy them on eBay and possibly Sainsbury’s, although I could be wrong there.

Definitely a purchase worthy of all music lovers, and would make a cracking Crimbo present!


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