5 Kickass Albums I Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now

I have these albums on a loop. What is it that makes us addicted to certain albums, that makes us play them on repeat, and still never tire of them? I haven’t the foggiest, I’m just enjoying the ride!

Apulanta – Kunnes Siitä Tuli Totta Released 2015

This album went gold in Finland and I can totally understand why! I’m going to see these guys next year and I seriously can’t wait to hear some of these tracks played live. It’s a fast paced punk rock romp with bopping tracks like Palava Pensas and Styranki, this album doesn’t pause to take a breath, it jumps relentlessly from track to track like a frantic, guitar fueled joyride and leaves you desperately wanting more. Despite it’s clean cut sound, it still distinctly Apulanta, and Toni’s unmistakable vocals are as energetic as ever.

Apulanta - Kunnes siitä tuli totta

Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches Released 2015

Despite the addition of two new guitarists, Richard Shaw and Marek “Ashok” Šmerda, the Filth’s outstanding quality remains unwavering, and I would go as far as to say, this is probably one of their best albums. What a fucking masterpiece! I want to award it Album of the Year! It’s heavy, fast, and melodic, and with the thumping magic of tracks like Yours Immortally and Right Wing of the Garden Triptych, it actually leaves you feeling a bit breathless. Dani’s vocals are as impressive and impeccable as ever, and there are enough of his unmistakable screams on here to satisfy the even the most hardcore of Cradle of Filth fans. Teamed with Lindsay’s operatic performance and some insanely heavy guitar riffs, this album is an essential addition to any decent metal collection, make no mistake.

Cradle of Filth - Hammer of the Witches

Placebo – Loud Like Love Released 2013

Yeah, I know this album came out donkeys ago, but it’s still frequently spinning on my iPod, and I can’t get enough it, it’s just one of those! It makes me feel understood, magical, excited, happy, wistful, and inspired all at once, and the title track alone just makes you want to leap into the air with your arms outstretched like you’re in the Sound of Music or something. Brian’s voice flows like honey from track to track, each one as unique as it is well written. The most prominent track to me would have to be a Million Little Pieces. That song just makes my heart ache and soar at the same time.

Placebo - Loud Like Love

Korpiklaani – Noita Released 2015

Another band that I only discovered recently, and I felt even closer to them when I found out they actually share a record label with my beloved Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, and Children of Bodom, to name a few. The first time I heard their music I sat down for a bit and just thought WHAT THE FLIPPING BLOODY HELL, I was totally shell shocked but very, very excited! This Finnish folk metal band has the sort of effect on the listener that makes you feel a tad hyperactive, and the album is a feel-good, thigh slapping romp through a forest, laden with gallons of Lapin Kultaa, and lots of roaring and story telling. It’s a totally crazy thriller of an album, and I’m so glad I found these nutters!

Korpiklaani - Noita

Bury Tomorrow – Runes Released 2014

I only came across Bury Tomorrow recently. Where the heck have you guys been all my life? Dani Winter-Bates’ bellowing vocals are spine chillingly brutal, and combined with the contrast of Jason Cameron’s soulful harmonies, it’s a delightfully clever cocktail of controlled chaos. It’s the chorus’ and the roaring anthems that really make the soul swell, and the future looks very bright for this British metalcore band. This album is a winner!

Bury Tomorrow - Runes

So what have you been listening to lately? Have you listened to any of these albums?

Rock on!


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