Welcome Back GC!

Good Charlotte

A while ago, I mentioned that there are two bands that I would love to see make a comeback, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance. Well, one of my wishes came true, and Good Charlotte are back! This makes me super freakin’ happy! Thank you mighty Gods of Rock.

My Instagram feed has been clogged with their posts and announcements – heck, I’m not complaining. It does amuse me a bit that Benji and Joel’s posts are perfectly synchronized, and most of the time I will get the same posts back to back, Joel’s usually getting a little more likes than Benji’s, bless him.

I’m tentatively waiting for Good Charlotte to announce their own tour. Is their special guest appearance at All Time Low’s UK tour a rouse to get me to go and see All Time Low? Will Good Charlotte still announce their own tour after that? Or is this my only chance to see them? Seems silly for a band that has become this big to come all the way from America just to be guests. Sigh, hashtag, Rocker Problems.

I’m most likely going to buy an All Time Low ticket, anyway. Whether it’s because their tunes are so catchy or because Kerrang! has been overdosing me with All Time Low news, lately, the cuddly punks have started to grow on me. Like a fungus.

Of all the punk bands I love, Good Charlotte is my favourite. Because they just get me, they get how a lot of people that don’t fit society’s social standards feel, and despite their (well deserved!) rise to success, you can still see that boyish rebellion hovering just under the surface. They were there for me all through my miserable teen years when they told me to Hold On, they told me to keep Movin’ On, they were my greatest support group worth a thousand kid’s “counselors”, and they’re here for me now, too, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Good Charlotte

A new album would be nice, guys. There’s only so many times I can keep listening to Makeshift Love on a loop. Oh, and a proper UK tour while you’re at it, please.



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