Interview With A Rockstar: Zombie Sam

Welcome to another awesome instalment of Interview With A Rockstar! I’m so excited to introduce you to the charismatic and talented Zombie Sam, who has very kindly agreed to an interview today! Zombie Sam is a soundtrack composer and orchestra instructor and specialises in horror rock soaked in addictive lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. He also has a big heart, he’s a cat-lover, and really cares about his fans!


Amanda: Hi Zombie Sam! Thanks so much for being my guest today! What made you want to become a musician?

Zombie Sam: Hello to everyone, and the pleasure is mine!! Oh, well, I started thinking of myself as a musician  from the age of 4 ‘cause I was really into classical music, so I started studying music around that age, even though it was quite early. I can tell you that all the time I was feeling an energy inside of me…  like something had to come up, and I had that sensation with music!!!

Amanda: How old were you when you learned to play the guitar?

Zombie Sam: I started studying guitar around 6 years old, and yes, never stopped (laughs).

Amanda: (Laughs) What’s the best thing about living in Austria?

Zombie Sam: I guess the people ‘cause they are very silent, quiet, and they like art. Then the city I used to live in was Vienna,  and it’s Mozart’s city, so I’m really in love it. Please make sure to visit it one day you will like it 🙂

Amanda: In that case, Austria sounds a lot like Finland! I’d love to visit Vienna someday! I’ve been admiring photos of your beautiful cat on your Facebook page! Can you tell us a little about Lady S, a lot of my readers (and myself) are animal lovers too!

Zombie Sam: Oh yes of course (laughs) She is my princess and she was a stray kitty, she’s 2 years old and she’s very sweet! Honestly sometimes she wants her privacy and I don’t give much space for her activities (laughs) whenever I’m home I want to squeeze her and cuddle her. I like helping stray kitties, ‘cause I feel bad seeing them on the streets. I love every pet, I’m not racist towards other animals, it’s just that with my lifestyle cats are more independent, and sadly I don’t spend much time home.


Amanda: Aww, I’m the same, in that respect. What are your biggest influences in the music world?

Zombie Sam: Oh, well, as I always say in my interviews, my influences are people and the world itself, art in general, but if I have to name something specific, I’d say soundtracks and art in general, BUT I honestly hate putting limits on myself and saying just a few things, it’s like putting a lot of limits, and it’s not me. I get inspired from so many things that you can’t even imagine (laughs) I probably sound like a crazy person, but aren’t we all crazy in our own way? (Laughs)

Amanda: No, I agree, to quote the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland,” we’re all made here”! Okay, what’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Zombie Sam: In my past before starting my career as Zombie Sam I used to play as a session member, and toured with bands or even singers from 80’s music style, but recently I had an amazing experience with Season of Ghosts in the last Music Female Voices Fest in Belgium. Have you checked out Season Of Ghosts yet? I produced the album and I play as guitarist for Sophia’s band.


Amanda: I have checked out Season of Ghosts, they ROCK! And I’ve been checking out some of the YouTube videos, spooky stuff! So, what was the last musician/ band you discovered that blew your mind?

Zombie Sam: Hmm, it’s difficult to impress me ‘cause I try to find a good side in every musician and every artist I listen to. You know, again it’s because I don’t want to set limits.. I feel everything has something good that we can appreciate, unless it’s very bad!

Amanda: Your music has a very dark, horror theme. What are your favourite horror movies?

Zombie Sam: TADAAAAA you asked me about something that we could talk for the next 3 hours (laughs), again I feel movies are art, so I appreciate many things in many movies. I like Tim Burton’s style, but we can also talk about Wes Crave or so many others (laughs). It’s impossible to give you few titles ‘cause I would start saying a title and starting talking about it for 1 hour explaining what I appreciate about it and then saying another title and etc.. (laughs) I know I sound weird but this is my point of view.

Amanda: I love Tim Burton, too! Last December you released “Carol of the Bells” and the album “The Human Paradox”. What kind of tracks can new listeners expect to hear?

Zombie Sam: Yes, Carol Of the Bells was a song that I dreamt of arranging since I was a kid, and last December was the perfect time to do it. The Human Paradox is Sophia’s project and she actually arranged her album with my help. I co-produced the album and I put a bit of my style, but I can tell you that Sophia had amazing ideas as well. I added that extra magical part that the album needed.

Amanda: Sweet! And are you planning any new musical releases for this year?

Zombie Sam: SURE! I’m already working on my new album and I can tell you it’s going to be crazy AND I have another thing that I cannot announce yet, but yes it’s gonna be a creative year, so expect new music.

Amanda: What do you love most about being a musician?

Zombie Sam: Oh, I don’t define myself as just a musician, but artist, and I don’t do it to look like a superhero, but I just feel that I can create many things in many different areas, but anyway, speaking of music, it’s amazing experimenting with notes and feelings, and using my orchestral skills in order to compose electronic parts and riffs.

Amanda: Awesome, looking forward to it! And for our final question, what advice would you give to someone just starting a band?

Zombie Sam: Just one important thing: NEVER GIVE UP ‘cause the road is gonna be harsh and difficult, but if you want to succeed, you need to be stronger and keep trying and trying. Try to create your own style and don’t try to imitate anybody. Build you own art ‘cause having a band is not just music but you never know if you are going to be part of the STORY and become special.

I personally want to say thank you for giving me this chance to express my thoughts with your readers. Much Love to everyone.

Amanda: Thank you Zombie Sam! There concludes our interview, don’t forget to post your views and musings in the comments, and remember, you heard it here first!

Check out Zombie Sam’s website for more information. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Rock on!


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