Interview With A Rockstar: Shellshock Lullaby

Welcome to the second instalment of Interview With A Rockstar! I’m so excited to introduce you to Shellshock Lullaby, the artistic vision of the talented singer/songwriter Russell Nelson. Russ has kindly taken the time to chat with me today and tell me more about his music.


Amanda: Hey Russ! Thanks so much for taking time out to hang out with us today! How long have you been playing music, and what inspired Shellshock Lullaby? 

Russ: I’ve been playing music now about 18 years and SSL began also immediately after I let my previous band, Skyrocket Love. I was very determined to have my very own project where I could be creative and express myself. I wanted to start something from the ground up that was mine. It all started with a youtube video of of first single, “Different Story”.

Amanda: When did you learn to play the guitar? 

Russ: I started playing when my uncle, John Montoya, bought me my first guitar on my 8th birthday. My uncle is an excellent musician and has taught me a lot over the years.  We actually still have a country/rock cover band together called Tailgate Serenade. Its a blast.

Amanda: What do you love most about being a musician? 

Russ: The opportunity to be creative and express yourself in the studio and live. Also being able to connect with new people that love the same kind of music as I do at live shows and other events.

Amanda: “Shades of Grey” is you latest EP. What can people expect from it?

Russ: Well, the title for Shellshock Lullaby’s new EP (Shades of Grey) was chosen to help describe the plight of current sociological approaches to life and the destruction that duality causes in our everyday lives. People tend to see life as a construct of black and white, this way or that, wrong or right while completely ignoring the entire spectrum of possibility in between those 2 extremes. The songs on this release relate to the emotions that all people feel in between the polar ends of life’s emotional spectrum and help to provide solace in the realization that we should embrace everything we feel no matter how “good, bad or indifferent” it may seem to others. The realization that all is one and all is related is a concept that many ignore but it is the basis of our existence.


Amanda: Who would you say are your biggest influences in the music world? 

Russ: I have quite few but some that stand out are Coheed and Cambria, New Found Glory, The Used, Taking Back Sunday,  and the Goo Goo Dolls.

Amanda: Awesome bands! I especially love The Used, myself! So, what’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? 

Russ: At this point it has been opening for Black Flag at Butte, Montana’s Evel Knievel Days Festival. That was awesome. Its a killer festival with many cool events every year. 🙂

Amanda: Sweet! What was the last band/ musician you discovered that blew your mind?

Russ:  There are so many groups out there but to me Icarus the Owl stands out. Incredible band.

Amanda: And for our final question, what advice would you give to someone just starting a band?

Russ: 3 things

  1. Stay focused on your main goal (if you don’t have a main goal, figure it out. Its very important)
  2. Find your own unique style that is you then find your audience for that style. (easier said than done lol)

Thanks Russ! There concludes our interview, don’t forget to post your views and musings in the comments, and remember, you heard it here first!

You can find out more about Shellshock Lullaby right here and follow on him on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

You can also stream Shades Of Grey right here, right now, and hear if for yourself right here.

Rock on!


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